Following recent advances in genetic engineering, development of new pharmaceutical products for the treatment of various diseases, previously difficult to treat, has been carried out.  Research and development are active across the world about the promising next-generation drugs such as those making use of nucleic acid (nucleic acid drucs) for gene expression regulation (antisense, decoy, siRNA, etc.), inhibition of the function for specific target molecules withaptamers, and so on.

We will continue our efforts for development of nucleic acid-based new-generation medicines and diagnostic reagents, with a goal set at becoming an enterprise contributing to human welfare and health through nucleic acid technology development.

GeneDesign, Inc.


GeneDesign, Inc. to Establish a New Development and Production Base for Oligonucleotide Drug Substances
Introduction of the First Large-Scale Production Facility in Japan

GeneDesign, Inc., a consolidated subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co., Inc., will establish a new development and production base for oligonucleotide drug substances on the premises of its research institute in Ibaraki-shi, Osaka, Japan. As one of Japan’s largest production bases for oligonucleotides, the facility will substantially enhance GeneDesign’s oligonucleotide production capacity.

By making GeneDesign a consolidated subsidiary in April 2017, Ajinomoto Co. enabled integrated contract development and manufacturing of oligonucleotides from high-mix, low-volume production of oligonucleotides using solid-phase synthesis at GeneDesign (for early-stage development) to mass production with liquid-phase synthesis (AJIPHASE® technology) at Ajinomoto Co. (for late-stage development and post-marketing).

With the establishment of this new base, production volume will increase to a scale of kilograms (kg) per lot for the first time in Japan, thus raising GeneDesign's oligonucleotide production capacity to about 100 times its current level. Combining GeneDesign's production capacity and Ajinomoto Co.’s mass production technology (AJIPHASE® technology) will enable the creation of a system to flexibly and seamlessly supply from micrograms (μg) to over 100 kg. Ajinomoto Co. aims to be the world’s top contract manufacturer of oligonucleotides by 2025 by responding to a wide range of requests from users such as pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

Announce for our management setup was changed

Today, we are pleased to announce that we concluded a share transfer agreement with Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
We have been running independent business for about 16 years, but recent demand of increasing for nucleic acids therapeutics and diagnostics manufacturing in the developmental stage, we should expand our capacity. So we decided to join the group of Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. has AJIPHASE® technology, which is the world's only mass-production technology for nucleic acid therapeutics, and they are growing as a nucleic acid therapeutics CDMO (=Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization). By combining Ajinomoto's manufacturing technology to our company's know-how and experience of solid phase synthesis technology, we are confident that could supply seamless support for nucleic acid therapeutics development from discovery to GMP manufacturing.
We will also actively develop new technologies related to nucleic acid therapeutics and diagnostic agents, taking advantage of our company's spirit of venture as well.

As a member of the Ajinomoto Group, we will continue to make further efforts working with the customer.

Contact information:

Hideaki Sato
Director, General Manager of
Technical Support & Marketing / Business Development
GeneDesign, Inc.

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